Sigung Mark Smith



Sifu Mark Smith is a direct disciple of the late Grand Master Kalaii K. Griffin. He assisted at the Springfield Branch and began his own in Agawam.. He holds a 6th Dan (Degree) in Kajukenbo, a 3rd Dan in Chinese Kenpo and has over 25 years experience instructing and training in the Martial Arts. Sifu Smith has also been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and holds numerous grand championship titles. Sifu’s school, Black Dragons Kajukenbo, was founded in 2009 and is a family run school in Westfield, Massachusetts. His entire family trains in Kajukenbo, including his oldest son Sifu Sean Smith who is a 3rd Dan Blackbelt and wife Sibak Lynn Smith who is a 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Sifu Smith lives to teach and train. He holds an incredible rapport with his students. He expects and demands a lot from his students. In return, he provides some of the best and most insightful Martial Arts instruction in New England.

Sifu Rodriguez started training with Grandmaster Kalaii K. Griffin in 1992, and now holds a 4th degree black belt in Kajukenbo. Through the many years of training along side Sifu Smith, Sifu Rodriguez has come to see him as his older brother and mentor in the martial arts, and now works with Sifu Smith to help see his Black Dragons Kajukenbo school through and help pass on the teachings of Grandmaster Griffin to the newer generations. Among his other training in Kajukenbo, Sifu Rodriguez holds a black belts in Kenpo and Escrima.

Sifu Gabriel Rogriguez

Sifu Lynne Smith

Sibak Lynne Smith has been studying martial arts for 10 years under the direction and guidance of Sifu Mark Smith and the late Grandmaster Kalaii Kano Griffin.  She holds the rank of 2nd dan in Kajukenbo and 1st dan in Chinese Kenpo. Sibak Lynne Smith has competed in numerous tournaments throughout New England as well as Las Vegas at many different levels and holds a championship record in Kata, Kumite and Self-Defense.


Sibak Jeramy Smith

Sibak Andrew Fontaine has been training under Sifu Mark Smith since early 2009. Beginning as a young, out of shape individual, Sibak Andrew has grown immensly as an individual both physically and mentally. He teaches in the chidren's class and the Adult classes.

Sibak Andrew Fontaine

Sibak John Veit



Sibakk John Veit has been training in Kajukenbo since 2004 and began his training under Grandmaster Kallii Kano Griffin and Sifu (Sibak at the time) Gabriel Rodriguez. Sisook John returned to train after taking time off to puruse a dergree at the University of Massachusetts. He teaches a children's class on a weekly basis and serves as an assistant instructor in Adult classes. Sibak also trains in Crossfit and incorporates many of those techniques in the calisthenics training in his classes.